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Programmed for Windows 10 or higher. Also runs in Mac and Linux Windows virtual machines​.

Click image to view MySQIF ™ intro video below.

White Paper: MySQIF™ Privacy App™ augments an organization's internal security 

One of the most frequently asked questions about MySQIF™ Privacy App™ by network security engineers: Why do I need it since I already have encryption in my network security?

Click here to download a white paper.

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 MySQIF™ Privacy App
Protect any file from predators, anytime. Cool features include private one-time keys that are unique to the send and receive devices and dissolves after each use. Each key is unique. Even if the FISA court subpoenaed us for your information, we have nothing to give them! All the polymorphic encryption magic happens on your device, and is accomplished with only a few clicks. Learn more.

TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY! Your first seven days use are FREE before we prompt you to subscribe. No credit card is required during your first seven days. The largest files we currently support are 4 GB, or within the practical limits of your device, Internet connection, and common sense.

 Leader® Private Email
COMING SOON: Start using an email system that pledges to respect your privacy and will not read your email or sell your personal information. The fees are reasonable. What is the price of your God-given rights to security, privacy and property? They’re not “free.” Remember, when the service is “free,” the product is “me.” Learn more.

 Leader® License for Social Networking
Social networking was stolen, and you have never paid the inventors a dime for your enjoyment of that stolen technology. ​ A full, legal license from Leader Technologies for all your social networking apps and devices is automatically included in your MySQIF™ license. You will be among the first in the world to stop listening to the lies of “big” tech  “open source” thieves, and support true inventors.  Learn more.

Why should you use MySQIF™ Privacy App™?

  1. Protect your privacy.
  2. Protect your trade secrets.
  3. Protect your ideas & brainstorming.
  4. Protect your writings.
  5. Protect whistleblower evidence. 
  6. Protect your intellectual property.
  7. Use a product where safe, secure, trust are more than confidence tricks. Learn more
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Coming Soon! Why should you use Leader® Private Email™?

  1. Everyone uses Email these days, most of them are “free.” 
  2. “When the service is free, the product is me.” 
  3. If you don't protect your Constitutional rights on principle, they will eventually be taken away by predators and tyrants.
  4. These “free” services cajole subscribers into a deceptive license where you agree to let them exploit your information--all the time.
  5. Free services steal 100% of your personal data and sell it to third parties, incl. microtargeting to influence voting preferences with autosuggestions.
  6. Leader® Private Email™ makes a simple pledge: We will not read your email.
  7. Leader® Private Email™ costs $50 to set up and $10 per month to provide you truly safe, secure, and trustworthy Email where the government does not intrude.
  8. Banks and their fascist companies are not spying on you 24x7x365. Learn more
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Credits, Video, Graphics: Aquarius Skyclock; Michael J. B.