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About Us

MySQIF™ is a partnership of perhaps the world's fi​​nest technology engineers, civil engineers, scientists, entreprenuers, inventors, authors, professors, business consultants, organizational development consultants, management trainers, goal setting and time management specialists, executive information systems, sales territory planning, leadership consultants, and patent holders in mathematics, software design, and social networking. Their accomplishments include advancements that have defined whole industries in telecommunications, social networking, organizational development, and mathematics.

About Us

We came together to solve two key problems plaguing the technology world: (1) the loss of personal privacy, and (2) the illegal use of social networking making unsuspecting users like yo​u accomplices to this crime. Banks, government, spies, and corporate predators dominate these spaces using theft and weaponization of inventions, backdoors and unscrupulous end-user license agreements. 

Our partners Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies hold the rightful patents for social networking. Those inventions were stolen by their patent attorney and the IBM Eclipse Foundation in conspiracy with The British Pilgrims Society (where [Sir] Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker were officers, c.a., 2002-2012 or later, their current membership list is secret), MI6, DARPA, and the DoD Office of Net Assessment, under the tutelage of Leader's patent attorney, James P. Chandler, III, II, Jr. depending on who wanted to know. 

The evident government confiscation of Leader's social networking inventions has never been addressed or compensated, despite a Fifth amendment demand for payment to the Executive branch. See Legal Social for more of Michael's background. Click here for Michael' backgrounder.

Our partners professor Albert Carlson, PhD and Michael De La Garza (see bios below) have made their careers in cybersecurity and believe polymorphic encryption breaks the stranglehold of unscrupulous state and corporate actors on the invasion of our God-given rights to personal privacy in gross violation of the U.S. Constitution.

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Our Strategy

We use polymorphic encryption that creates a fresh master key for each file sent and received--a key that dissolves after one use; a key that is unique to the "fingerprints" of the two devices, and never leaves those devices, therefore predators have nothing to intercept.

We provide a personal site license to MySQIF​™ customers to use social networking LEGALLY on all their devices. In so doing, we legally, lawfully and practically address the abuse of an American inventor and his shareholders in Leader®  Technologies.

In short, what the American and British governments have done to hide their theft of social networking, We The People will take care of our inventors ourselves. 

Would you not fairly pay the builders depicted here for their work that you enjoy. Would you allow yourself to believe that their work and creativity is "free" and not worthy of due compensation? That is exactly what most users of social media are giving themselves permission to do: benefit from stolen property. This license to use Leader's social networking inventions fixes this profound injustice.

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Our Vision

Apply our collective knowledge and experience in technology, guided by the U.S. Constitution 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th Amendments rights to property, security, and privacy, to offer personal privacy encryption to a sender and receiver for "data-in-motion." And, to provide the world's first legal license to use of the social networking inventions of Leader® Technologies.


Photo above: Michael McKibben, Founder, Leader Technologies is a  partner in MySQIF™, a civil engineer, musician, entrepreneur, author, organizational development and leadership consultant, product developer, trainer, speaker, facilitator, and inventor. 

Mike is the proud father of six children while married to one wife, Nancy! Mike and Nancy worked for a decade with the international Gospel music group, Living Soun d, that has numerous notable accomplishments around the world, like arranging for their Gospel group to record Soviet pop music that was included on the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics gold medalist film (during the Carter boycott), and on Soviet national TV. They were also close friends and worked with St. Pope John Paul II when he was a courageous Polish cardinal ​named Karol Wojtyła who was boldly standing against communism. No one in Living Sound was even Roman Catholic.

Most readers have now heard of the international "deep state" of merchant-bankers that is ​plaguing humanity today. Mike, Nancy, and their Living Sound Gospel Music colleagues did battle with these demons from the late 1960s. They were recently discovered to be Babylonian ​Rādhānite pagan merchant-bankers, notably in The City of London, Monarch's Court, Bank of England, Rothschild clique, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Scandanavia, Vatican City, USSR, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Western Europe, the Orient, and even the former Babylonian Rādhānite Khazaria (now the Ukraine). Remarkably, these merchant-bankers are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, they are Babylonian Rādhānite pagans who worship demons and have done so for over 4,000 years. They do pretend to follow the Abrahamic religions, most notably Ashkenazi Jewry, but secretly ply their demon cult rituals, like child sacrifice and human trafficking.

Nancy is an award-winning author, writer, poet, and lyricist. One of her notable compositions is the translation of a 17th century Russian church Christmas spiritual verse attributed to St. Dimitry of Rostov named "Shepherds of Bethlehem." She also wrote English lyrics for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. For 23 years Nancy homeschooled all six children into careers in motherhood, fatherhood, interior design, surgeon, linguist, nurse practioner, food service, carpentry and construction. Two children exceled at the highests levels in sports: a daughter was an NCAA Fencing National Championship in Foil from Ohio State, and a son was twice Ivy League Football champion at Harvard as an offensive left tackle.  Mike was a trombonist and squad leader in the famed Ohio State University Marching Band. After Ohio State he played trombone for the international Gospel music group Living Sound before becoming its European Director in Malmesbury/Lea, Wiltshire, UK. He continues to play his horn in Trombones Gone Rogue, mostly in local nursing homes and OSUMB Alumni annual reunions. O-H!

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Albert Carlson, PhD

Professor Albert Carlson PhD has a distinguished 25-year career in academia, industry, and the military in fields related to mathematics, physics, and cryptography. He is currently on the faculty of Austin Community College while he simultaneously sits on the doctoral committees for PhD candidates around the nation. Rather than describe each experience, allow us to name drop to show the breadth of Dr. Carlson’s experience: University of Illinois (Urbana and Chicago), US Army Tactical and Strategic Electronic Warfare, Illinois Institute of Technology, Mankato State University, University of Idaho, Fontbonne University, Austin Community College, DefCon 23, Show Me Con, aQED, IEEE (21 papers published; see the bibliography in The MySQIF™ Magic), Power Engineers, numerous US patents and pending. His PhD thesis was titled, “Set Theoretic Estimation Applied to the Information Content of Ciphers and Decryption.”

Michael De La Garza

Michael De La Garza has spent the last 42 years involved in the Healthcare Information and Internet, Cloud and Technology Software industries developing the following products and services: Post Quantum Encryption, Cyber Security Products and Services, Cloud services and Internet security, MIOT (Medical Internet of Things), IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and IOT (Internet of Things) software security, EHR (Electronic Health Records) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security Compliance, and Blockchain. He and Dr. Albert Carlson teamed up to build CipherLoc Corporation, and subsequently Camqed Labs and aQED where they specialize in polymorphic approaches to protecting privacy and security.

Can I trust the MySQIF™ principals not to load malicious software on my computer?

The victims and first responders of Hurricane Katrina literally trusted Leader Technologies with their lives and economy. The entire State of Louisiana phone system went down for local calls, but they could dial out-of-state calls. Democrat Govern​or Kathleen Blanco's director of Homeland Security called Michael McKibben and his L:eader  team to modify their social networking system, Leader2Leader, and their conference calling system, LeaderPhone, into a disaster response coordination hub. For many months, literally all of the government agencies in Louisiana and federally relied upon Leader Technologies' lifeline. See Heroes in the Storm

Point of fact: neither the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, or the Red Cross ever expressed their appreciation to Leader for "saving their butts" operationally. At the same moment that Leader was using its social networking technology in Louisiana to save lives and care for its citizens, Mar​k Zuckerberg and his Pilgrims Society mentor, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners, were busy illiciting Stanford students to commit crimes by writing apps for Leader's social networking technology that they had stolen. DHS Chertoff was also making his private plans to take secret control of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate Authority along with Hillary Clinton and Robert S. Mueller, III. See more at Legal Social.

Figure --Hurricaine Katrina (2005) Louisiana state government boat rescue coordinated using Leader Technologies' inventions. Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies provided the State of Louisia​na and all Federal agencies with a disaster response communications hub (the only working one) that never went down during the reswponse  devastation of Hurricaine Katrina (2005). Leader's social networking and phone technology was used by the Louisiana Department of Parks and Recreation to guide their boats  to the rooftops of homes where citizens were calling for help using their mobile phones.

Parks & Rec had the only boats available in enough quantity to even start the rescue effort that was coordinated through Leader's social networking technology. Tens of thousands of rescues occurred during those first few weeks. To be clear, no other emergency communication system in the state or federally responded to the challenge that Leader accomplished. Not FEMA, nor the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Homeland Security, AT&T, Verizon, Google, Microsoft, FBI, C.I.A., NSA, local and state police, National Guard, U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Interior Department, NOAA. The citizens of Louisiana trusted Leader and Leader delivered. Note: FEMA then refused to pay Leader for their costs. Eventually, the State of Louisiana ignored the red tape and paid Leader.

Leader Technologies was incorporated in Ohio in 1997 (27 years) after Michael McKibben had successfully rebuilt AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 email, eFax, eDocuments, and EDI messaging, beating out AT&T Bell Labs to be awarded the contract. His company was one of the first ten commercial sites to be hosted by AT&T Worldnet, along with Disney and AT&T itself.

No one has ever brought a malicious software complaint against Leader in 27 years. The same is true of companies associated with Michael De La Garza and Dr. Albert Carlson.

Dr. Carlson is in great demand as a speaker and consultant to The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Call IEEE and ask for a reference. Read Truth History to read for yourself how Michael McKibben values honesty and integrity.

We have used best practices in our software development processes. We believe that life is too short to spend any time at all playing confidence tricks with other human beings. Each human being is made in the image and likeness of God. We would not be stupid enough to cheat God, so why would we cheat his wonderful creation? We believe that cheating people with malicous software is evil.

MySQIF™ has been certified by COMODO Code Signing Authority. We also hold an SSL-TLS (Secure Socket Layer - Transport Layer Security) certificate.

The professional reputations of our principals speak for themselves. Review the other parts of this website for more on the resumes, publications, white papers, and patents of the principals.

In addition, Jesus said: "You will know them by their fruits. . . every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit . . .  by their fruits you will know them." Matthew 7-15-20 .

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