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Linked to the button below is a file encrypted using MySQIF™ Privacy App™.  If you are the first who successfully uses "brute force" to crack this file and describe to us the contents of the unencrypted file, you will win $20,000. The one requirement is that you must also describe for us, in detail, how you did it!

Crack MySQIF™ & win $20,000 

Check your Downloads folder on your device.

Crack-it! Challenge Rules:

You’ve got three months!

The current deadline is [DATE] at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).

All of our reassuring words about the difficulty to crack our encryption math is fine, but the proof is in the pudding.

If you crack the file linked to the button above using brute force, tell us its contents and tell us how you did it, and then we will pay you a $20,000 cash prize—no strings attached,

It is possible to crack encryption by other non-mathematical methods called “social engineering.” This means somebody tells you how to crack it and is a co-conspirator. Or, you are somehow able to steal a programming access code, intercept usernames and passwords, or you bribe one of our programmers. These other ways of decrypting do not count because they are outside the bounds of this Crack-it! challenge.

Social engineering hacks do not count. You must crack it by brute force or mathematically (trial and error by various methods). Contact us at Customer Service to report your success! 

Good hunting!

MySQIF™ Customer Service
P.O. Box 224
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035
(614) 890-1986

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